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Andrew Racing - StopTech Rotors-AeroRotor

StopTech Replacement Parts - StopTech Rotors-AeroRotor

AeroRotors® (All rotors come complete with hardware)
Left and Right part numbers must be ordered seperatly. 

StopTech's patented AeroRotors® are 2-piece replacement rotors featuring a AeroRotor® friction ring. These rotors feature a patented AeroVane® optimal cooling vane design to improve rotor airflow, cooling and heat capacity. This improved directional design minimizes turbulence and flows up to 61% more air than any rotor tested. Better airflow means better cooling and less fade. The 2-piece design of the StopTech® AeroRotors® allows for independent expansion of the rotor and hat without coning.

StopTech® AeroRotors® are 100% made in the USA, with both casting and machining taking place in California.

Aero-vane cooling

The patented 2-piece AeroRotor® assembly uses uniquely designed and patented AeroVanes® inside the disc to optimize airflow through the rotor. This improved directional design minimizes turbulence and flows up to 61 percent more air than any other rotor tested. The result is up to 80 percent better airflow over original equipment rotors and 10-30 percent better airflow than other directional vane racing rotors currently available. Better airflow equalsbetter cooling, and better cooling means less fadeand better overall brake system performance.
StopTech AeroRotors® also feature a proprietary alloy chemistry. By adding molybdenum to the gray iron, carefully targeting a narrow range of hardness and tensile strength values, and controlling the cooling rate of the rotor after casting, StopTech produces a friction ring with added crack resistance as well as improved functionality.

Super strong Inconel® drive pin washers - as used in aircraft engines and other racing applications - are practically impervious to oxidation or corrosion even at extreme temperatures.

StopTech Replacement Rotors, Rotor Rings, Also fits Brembo, AP, Racing Brake and Rotora
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